VAMC Safety Program

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EHS provides procedures, guidelines and other resources to support the activities of individual's working at the VAMC.


Contact Information

  • Gordon Axt VAMC Radiation Safety Officer, Ph 335-8503
  • Laurie Scholl - VAMC Interim Radiation Safety Officer, VAMC Ph. 158-5753 or UI Ph. 353-5389

The State of Iowa child labor law states..."No person under eighteen years of age shall be employed or permitted to work with or without compensation at any occupation or business establishment where exposure to radioactive substances and/or ionizing radiation could exceed 10 percent of any of the annual occupational dose limits specified for adult workers." Therefore, it is EHS policy that minors are not permitted to work with sources of ionizing radiation at The University of Iowa. There are limited exceptions to this rule for educational purposes.




  • Basic Radiation Safety 

    • Audience: Users of radioactive materials in non-human research.
    • This course is required initially for the indicated audience.
  • Radiation Refresher

    • Audience: Users of radioactive materials in non-human research. 
    • This course required annually following completion of the Basic Radiation Safety course.