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About EHS

The Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHS) provides services intended to promote health and safety at the University of Iowa. We offer a variety of services in the areas of Biological, Chemical, Occupational and Radiation safety, and select Environmental programs. Some of the direct services that we offer include chemical and radiation exposure monitoring, worksite hazard evaluations, workplace safety surveys, safety equipment selection, safety program reviews, safety training, and disposal of hazardous chemical, radioactive and infectious waste. Consultative services include regulatory compliance assistance programs to address OSHA and EPA-related responsibilities within health care, research, academic, facility and service environments.

What's New

Note: To All Generators of Chemical Waste

Hazardous Waste Labeling Procedure

This is to inform you of changes to hazardous waste labels used on waste chemicals. The changes are necessary to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s new Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule and are as follows.   Read more

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