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Confined Space Permit Program

Spaces that are ‘physically confining’ or ‘enclosed’ must be identified and evaluated by departments to determine if the space is regulated under OSHA’s standard for permit confined spaces. For OSHA Permit Required Confined Spaces, requirements include supervisory and employee responsibilities, training procedures, management of change, periodic reviews, and coordination of information with other parties needing access to the space.

This program consists of procedures to prevent injuries to workers who must work near, or enter, confined spaces that contain serious or life threatening hazards.

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Confined Space Program 


  • Confined Space Administrator - W531OS
  • Confined Space Evaluators - W521OS
  • Confined Space Reclass ALT Entry - W497OS
  • Confined Space Full Permit - W532OS
  • Confined Space Prohibited - W498OS

For descriptions of each course including who should take them see the Safety Training Course Guide.


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