Biological Safety


    Haley Sinn, PhD
    Assistant Director/Biosafety Officer/Responsible Official  Ph. 335-9553
    Nyree Mortensen, PhD
    Associate Biosafety Officer, Alternate Responsible Official, Ph. 353-5679
    Aswathy Sreedharan, PhD,
    Associate Biosafety Officer, Ph. 335-9547
    Wendie Dockstader
    Biosafety Specialist, Ph. 353-5678


Biological Safety  - General 

Biological Safety Cabinets 

Bloodborne Pathogens 

Recombinant DNA 


Safety Advisor Team Program 

Select Agents and Toxins 

Shipping Infectious Substances

Stem Cell Research

Laboratory Close-Out Procedure

UI Safety, Health and Environment Policy