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Fall Protection

Working at elevated heights presents hazards that need to be addressed and controlled to prevent serious injury or death. 
This fall protection program highlights the main components pertaining to fall protection for workers who may work at heights over four feet. The Environmental Health & Safety Office is available to departments to assist as they evaluate and develop procedures appropriate for the location or activities. 

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  • Fall Protection - W188OS
    • This course or equivalent is required annually for work at elevated heights. The course provides basic information on hazards and protective systems used for fall protection. All employees and their supervisors must receive training on the operating procedures unique or specific to their own work site, including hands on training for any restraint or arrest systems used. This training must be provided by a person that meets the OSHA definition of a Competent Person.
    • Audience: Personnel performing work at elevated heights of 4 feet or more.

For further training and registration information, go to EHS Safety Training.


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