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Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC)

Update June 2024: 
TSS has an updated phone number. To contact TSS by phone, please call 800-877-7742 (press 1 for scheduling).


Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) are among the most common and effective primary containment devices used in laboratories to protect individuals from splashes and aerosols when working with biological agents. Properly maintained BSCs, when used in conjunction with good microbiological technique, provide an effective containment system for the safe manipulation of low, moderate, and high-risk microorganisms (Risk Groups 1-3). BSCs require regular maintenance by professional technicians to ensure they function properly and provide the necessary protection to personnel, product and the environment.

All BSC service appointments should be scheduled with the UI contracted vendor, TSS (contact info listed below).

For general questions related to your biosafety cabinet, you may contact EHS by emailing

Contact information and areas of expertise can be found on the Contact Us page.


Biosafety Cabinet Certification and Decontamination Policy


  • Biological Safety Cabinets - W520BO
    • This course is recommended initially and annually for the indicated audience.
    • Audience: Individuals who handle biological agents in a research lab or other work area and use a biological safety cabinet (tissue culture hood) to limit exposure to potentially infectious agents and/or for product protection. The course is also recommended for individuals using a clean bench in order to explain the limitations of the equipment.
  • BSC Awareness for FM - W530BO
    • This course is required initially and recommended annually for the indicated audience. A requirement for annual completion may be set by the individual’s department and/or supervisor.
    • Audience: Facilities Management personnel who perform maintenance and/or moving services for laboratory equipment.

For further training and registration information go to EHS Safety Training.

BSC Services Vendor Contact Information

All BSC service appointments should be scheduled with the UI contracted vendor, TSS.

To contact TSS for a quote and scheduling please contact Gregg Froebe by email or by phone: 800-877-7742.



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