The University of Iowa

Laboratory Safety Certificate

EHS, in collaboration with the Laboratory Safety Committee, is initiating a new program to recognize individuals who take an active role in safety and go above and beyond the training required by EHS.   Beginning Fall of 2021, any member of the University who works in a research and/or wet lab will be able to apply for a Laboratory Safety Certificate.

certificate template


The certificate requires individuals to complete:

  1.  A defined core of basic safety courses that cover biological, chemical, environmental (waste handling), fire, and occupational safety topics; 
  2.  A hazard analysis: this is a site-specific procedure (such as a job hazard analysis or standard operating procedure) written by the applicant for use in their laboratory.  A live course will be offered each spring and fall semester that will review various methods that can be used to create the procedure.  Both the course and submission of a site-specific procedure must be completed to fulfill the requirement; and 
  3.  An additional four courses chosen by the individual from EHS safety course options or specialized departmental safety trainings. 

Note: EHS safety trainings normally required as part of the annual laboratory review will be applied to the course completion requirements if the completion date is within three years of applying for the certificate.

The next offering of the hazard analysis course will be May 16, 2023 at 10:00am via Zoom.

How to Apply

Individuals will submit the Laboratory Safety Certificate Form to EHS.  EHS staff will review the submission, confirm course completion, and review any documentation submitted for safety trainings outside of EHS coursework.  Individuals completing all requirements will be issued a Laboratory Safety Certificate and recognized for their commitment and dedication to the safety culture at the University.


Maintaining your Certificate

Certificates are good for three years.  At the end of the three-year period, individuals must complete all of the following:

  1. Complete a smaller set of core coursework;
  2. Submit a new site-specific hazard assessment; and
  3. Complete an additional ten optional courses. 

A Lab Safety Certificate Renewal Form must be submitted to EHS staff for review.  Individuals that complete all requirements will be issued a renewal letter.