The University of Iowa

Chemical Exposure Assessments

Employers are required to limit employee workplace chemical exposures to non-hazardous levels. Exposures by skin absorption or ingestion are easily recognized and prevented (see PPE or PPE for Labs). For inhalation hazards an exposure assessment is needed to determine the exposure level of hazardous chemicals. The exposure assessment may be conducted by completing the chemical exposure screening form, collecting air samples, or using mathematical modeling of exposures. EHS can provide chemical exposure assessments for chemicals currently in use on campus and can provide assessments before chemicals are brought in to ensure the proper controls are in place.

 EHS staff time and equipment are provided at no cost to the department. The department is responsible for the cost of any samples that must be sent to a lab for analysis.

To request a chemical exposure assessment, complete the form below (Request for Chemical Exposure Assessment) and return  to Justin Newnum or Rick Byrum.

Questions about this topic can be directed to Justin Newnum, 335-9554, or Rick Byrum, 335-9379.



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