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Human Use (MRPC)

Medical use of radiation is defined as the intentional internal or external administration of ionizing radiation, and/or radioactive material to human beings for diagnostic, therapeutic, and/or medical research purposes. All medical use of ionizing radiation at The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics (UIHC) must conform to the current requirements for using radiation producing equipment and radioactive materials in or on humans for medical diagnosis, therapy, and human subject research. 

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  • eMRPC Form (accessible through HawkIRB)

    • This form takes the place of the following paper forms: Long Form Diagnostic, Long Form Therapeutic, Short Form Diagnostic.

    • The eMRPC smart form will prompt the user to complete all sections required depending on the nature of the proposed human subjects research project.

  • Compound Radiopharmaceutical Form 

    • Complete this Hospital Radiation Safety Review Group application for UIHC Clinical Use of Compounded Radiopharmceuticals.

  • Research Application Form for Class 3b & 4 Lasers

    • Complete this form for projects involving research related use of Class 3b & 4 lasers (research related use of lower power lasers Class 3r and below do not require MRPC review)

  • Radioactive Material Devices Form

    • Complete this Hospital Radiation Safety Review Group application for UIHC use of Radioactive Sources/Devices in Clinical Practice.

  • RDRC Basic Research Use of Radioactive Drugs

    • This RDRC application is used to obtain basic information regarding the metabolism, human physiology, pathophysiology, or biochemistry of  a radioactive drug that is generally recognized as safe and effective when administered under the conditions set forth in 21 CFR 361.1

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External Links

Iowa Administrative Code (IAC), Chapter 41 - Iowa Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations pertaining to safe use of radiation machines and certain uses of radioactive materials.