Machine Produced Radiation


Radiation producing equipment includes medical and dental x-ray machines, x-ray diffraction units, electron microscopes, x-ray therapy machines and cabinet x-ray units. The requirements for using radiation producing equipment are found in Iowa Department of Public Health IAC 641,
Chapter 41   and
Chapter 45

Following are some of the primary responsibilities for users of radiation producing equipment:

  1. Register the equipment with EHS, so they can register the unit(s) with IDPH.
  2. Obtain radiation dosimeters as applicable to your job function.  See the ‘Dosimeter Program’ Section for specific dosimeter requirements.  NOTE:  Dosimeters are required for all staff using x-ray fluoroscopy equipment.
  3. Use of protective equipment (i.e. lead aprons, shields, etc…) is required whenever staff are in the room with the patient during an x-ray exam, during the use of mobile x-ray equipment, or anytime there is the potential for radiation exposure.
  4. Inform EHS prior to re-locating or discarding any radiation producing equipment.
  5. Contact EHS whenever your receive new radiation producing equipment, or when equipment  will be used in a new location so that a shielding evaluation can be completed.
  6. IDPH has published a ‘Guidelines for Diagnostic X-Ray Procedures’, which can be reviewed at
  7. Use all safety devices supplied with the x-ray unit whenever possible.