The University of Iowa

Shielding Evaluation


X-ray equipment must be self-shielded, or used in rooms that provide enough shielding to maintain radiation levels resulting from the operation of the equipment below regulatory limits. EHS provides two types of shielding assessments:

  1. Prior to construction, renovation, or installation of new x-ray equipment into an existing room 
    EHS determines the amount of shielding required based on the equipment type, location and usage. This information is then provided to project management for inclusion in the plans for the room.
  2. Following installation of the shielding and/or new equipment  
    EHS measures the radiation attenuation provided by each of the walls and other barriers of the x-ray room to confirm that the amount of shielding installed in the room meets or exceeds the amount required, as determined by the pre-project evaluation.

Information Required to Perform Shielding Evaluation Prior to Construction/Renovation or New Equipment:

  1. X-Ray Unit Manufacturer
  2. X-Ray Unit Model
  3. Workload – Types and Numbers of Exams (weekly average)
  4. Scale Diagram of the Room, Including Location of Doors, Operator, and Each Surrounding Room or Area

Allow 2-3 weeks for shielding evaluation to be completed.

During construction, contact EHS when the shielding is being installed. When possible, EHS will check on the shielding and document its installation.

Once the shielding is up, EHS will make radiation attenuation measurements as necessary to determine the level and effectiveness of the shielding.

Contact Radiation Safety to inform us of any projects involving new or renovated x-ray rooms and/or new x-ray equipment.