Dosimeter Program

Landauer Dosimeter badges

   Contact Info:
   Barb Vitense, 335-9550
   Joey Michael, 335-8518



General Information and Regulatory Requirements

  • Dosimeters are required to monitor occupational exposure for the following :
  • Adults likely to receive an annual dose from external sources   > 10% of the occupational exposure limits (500 mrem whole-body deep dose; 5,000 mrem extremity or shallow dose; 1,500 mrem lens of the eye).
  • Individuals working with medical fluoroscopic equipment.
  • Individuals entering a high radiation area.
  • Declared pregnant women likely to receive a whole-body deep dose > 100 mrem from external sources during their pregnancy.
  • Occupational Radiation Exposure Risks
  • Dosimeter Price Increase July 1, 2014
  • Landauer Individual Dose Reports

Guidelines for: