The University of Iowa

Dosimeter Request For Service

Important Notice:

In order to request a dosimeter for the first time, the required on-line training is available through the EHS website (see links below). If you previously have had a dosimeter at The University of Iowa DO NOT use this form; complete the "Change in Dosimeter Service Form."

  • Uncertain which course to take?

  • Registration Links - 

    ALL Users WITH a University HawkID and Password -  Click to Enroll

    This enrollment link will take you to the University’s HR Compliance and Qualifications log in. 
        1.  Click on the “My Training” button in the top blue bar.
        2. Click on “Enroll in Courses” under blue header.
        3.  Under “Find a Course”, enter the course number or course title to find the desired training. 
             Click on “Search Courses”.
        4.  Click on “View Details” for the desired course.
        5. Click on “Enroll in Session.” Once enrolled you will be taken into ICON.
        6. Click on "Modules" on the left-hand side and choose "Training Module". 
             After reviewing the course, take the quiz. 
        7. Click on “Grades” within the ICON course to review your score for that particular course. 
            To successfully complete a course you must score at least 80% on the quiz. 

    Paid employees can also register through their Employee Self-Service site. 
        1. Click on the "My Career" button.
        2. Click on "My Training" button.
        3. This will take you to the Compliance and Qualifications screen; follow the steps outlined above. 

    If you are a paid employee your grade can be found within the specific ICON Course under Grades and will be uploaded to Employee Self-Service, My Training, within 48-hours.  If you are an unpaid user, your grade can only be found within the specific ICON Course under Grades.  

    Users WITHOUT a HawkID and Password

    This request is for a temporary status at the UI/UIHC ONLY. To request a Guest ID, email EHS at sends e-mail) with the following information.
        1. Your first and last name
        2. Email address
        3. UI department and supervisors name that you will be working with. 
        4. Course(s) needing to take. 

1. User Information
2. Application Information
3. Departmental Authorization
4. University Billing Information (MFK)
5. Dosimeter(s) Needed
Example: Neutron Use, request of U3/Ring or P5/Wrist when recommended, etc.
6. Previous Employment