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Haley Sinn, 335-9553
Andrea Domsic, 467-0292
Christal Quigley, 335-8502
Sarah Tallman, 353-4354
Heather Schnoebelen, 335-8613


Biological Safety Program

Nyree Mortensen, 353-5679
Interim Biosafety Officer,
Responsible Official

Open Position
Associate Biosafety Officr
Alternate Responsible Official

Wendie Dockstader, 353-5678
Senior Biosafety Specialist
Jennifer Hamilton, 335-9547 
Biosafety Coordinator


Chemical Safety Program

Rick Byrum, 335-9379
Chemical Hygiene Officer
Rachelle Justice, 353-4692  
Senior Chemical Safety Specialist
Jeff Montgomery, 335-7964
Chemical Safety Specialist

John Silka, 335-8031
Chemical Safety Coordinator

Open Position
Chemical Safety Coordinator


Occupational Safety Program 

Steve Paulsen, 335-9555
Occupational Safety Manager
Justin Newnum, 335-9554
Occupational Safety Specialist,
Industrial Hygiene

John Anderson, 335-9549
Occupational Safety Specialist

Other Occupational Safety Support


Radiation Safety Program     

Gordon Axt, 335-8503
Radiation Safety Officer
Barb Vitense, 335-9550
Clerk IV
Laurie Scholl,  353-5389  
Interim Radiation Safety Officer - VAMC
Joey Michael, 335-8518, Pager 5202
Interim Asst. Radiation Safety Officer/Laser Safety Officer
Joe Hawk, 384-4541,  Pager: 2096
Radiation Safety Specialist
Jeff Olson, 335-9372, Pager 2725
Radiation Safety Coordinator
Open Position
Radiation Safety Coordinator


Waste/Environmental Program

Radioactive Waste Pickup Request  (e-form request only)
Chemical Waste Pickup Request  (e-form request only)
Request to Test Unknown Chemical  (e-form request only) 
Waste Label Request Form 
Jim Pyrz, 335-4625
Environmental Safety Manager
Tim Weber, 335-4626
Environmental Safety Specialist
Bill Murray, 335-4624, Pager 3310
Environmental Safety Compliance Specialist

Michelle Kempf, 335-4143
Secretary III
Seth Zickefoose, 335-4391
Environmental Safety Coordinator
Samantha Wills, 335-4081
Environmental Safety Coordinator
Zach Beyerink, 335-4165
Environmental Safety Coordinator


Laboratory Safety Advisor Team (SAT)

Rachelle Justice, 353-4692 
    • SAT Team Leader/Field Safety Advisor
    Wendie Dockstader, 353-5678
    Jeff Montgomery, 5-7964
    Jeff Olson, 335-9372
    John Silka, 5-8031
    Jennifer Hamilton, 5-9547
    • SAT Field Safety Advisors


    updated 01/10/19