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SAFETYmatters - New Lamp Pickup Request Form

Universal wastes are EPA regulated materials that are both hazardous to the environment and commonly found in industry as well as households. Because the materials are common, they are known as Universal Waste. Items identified as Universal Waste include several types of lamps: fluorescent, high intensity discharge, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor, metal halide, neon, and UV. For further information go to the EHS Universal Waste page.

Individuals must collect and properly store lamps prior to collection by General Stores staff.  The new Workflow form can be used to request pickup of labeled containers of lamps as well as request delivery of additional containers.  Procedures for collection, storage and disposal can be found on the EHS Universal Waste Management Program

Submission of the new Lamp Pickup Request form will alert General Stores staff to the request as well as inform EHS staff of lamp storage areas.

For questions on lamp collection and containers, contact Steve Stange, General Stores Service Manager, at 319-384-4045.  For questions on the universal waste program, contact Jim Pyrz, EHS Environmental Programs Manager, at 319-335-4625.