The University of Iowa

SAFETYmatters - Companies in University Space

published July 7, 2017

Companies that rent space from the University of Iowa will interact differently with EHS than does the typical research laboratory. 

Specific programs and requirements are listed below:

Hazardous waste pick-up

  • EHS requires an agreement signed by each company in order to collect its chemical, biohazardous and radioactive wastes. Contact Stephanie Dengler, (384-2741) to discuss such an agreement. 

Chemical Safety 

  • EHS is required to maintain a complete chemical inventory for all space maintained by the University. As such, the company must provide a chemical inventory to EHS; contact Rachelle Justice, 353-4692, for questions and to set up a new account.

Fume Hoods

  • Annually, EHS tests the performance of each fume hood in University-owned spaces.  Contact EHS at with questions.

Biosafety cabinet/clean room certification

  • The University of Iowa has a contract with certified service companies that perform this work; the contract is available to University staff and companies in UI spaces. Contact for more information. 

Safety training

Laboratory audits