The University of Iowa

Radionucle Safety Guideline for Cl-36

Physical Data

  • Radiation: Betas - 0.710 MeV (99.9%)


  • 2.6 m air unshielded


  • Physical: 3.08 x 105years
  • Biological: 10 days

External and Internal Hazard

  • Cl-36 is a medium energy beta emitter that presents both an internal and external hazard.
  • Uptakes of Cl-36 are assumed to be distributed uniformly among all organs and tissue of the body.


  • Total absorption of beta radiation is achieved with 2.4 mm perspex or 1.5 mm glass.

Safety Guidelines

  • Film badges and dosimeter rings are required
  • Segregate waste separately
  • Whole body and ring dosimeters are required.
  • Wear a lab coat and disposable gloves.
  • Cl36 beta particles have sufficient energy to penetrate gloves and skin .


updated 01/2013