The University of Iowa

Trash and Recyclables

EHS has partnered with the Office of Sustainability and Custodial Services to create a guide for the disposal of laboratory waste.  A poster from the Office of Sustainability is available to download and post in the lab.


Lab waste disposal poster


Containers that were used with hazardous materials (biological, chemical, or radiological) must be disposed of properly.  Hazardous waste disposal guides are available under our Waste/Environmental section.  Gloves should always be disposed in the biohazardous waste tubs.

Paper, cardboard, and rinsed plastic containers labeled with #1 or #2 can be recycled as long as they were not used with hazardous material. 

Unused laboratory plastics that cannot be recycled may be placed in regular trash liners.  When disposing of a significant amount of unused plastics, such as a lab cleanout, please coordinate with EHS and FM Custodial staff.  Trash bags should not exceed 30 pounds.