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Lab News - Safety Training Requirments

A new semester is underway, and this is a good time to remind staff to complete required safety training.  EHS has a number of on-line safety training courses that are required initially for new staff, and a few that are required annually for all staff.  Your lab manager or principal investigator will be able to provide you with a list of courses you need to complete.

IMPOTANT NOTE:  If you took a class that is required annually during the previous calendar year, you will need to re-register for that class through the UI Self-Service page in order to get access to the course for the current year.

Once you review the course slides, you will need to complete the quiz.  Remember to ‘Save Your Responses’ prior to submitting the quiz, or you will not get credit for completing the course.

Following is the link to EHS web-site training page: