Human Use

Medical use of radiation is defined as the intentional internal or external administration of ionizing radiation, and/or radioactive material to human beings for diagnostic, therapeutic, and/or medical research purposes. All medical use of ionizing radiation at The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics (UIHC) must conform to current The requirements for using radiation producing equipment and radioactive materials in or on humans for medical diagnosis, therapy, and human subject research are found in the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) 641, Chapter 41 SAFETY REQUIREMENTS FOR THE USE OF RADIATION MACHINES AND CERTAIN USES OF RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS.
IAC 641—41.1 X-Rays in the Healing Arts – pages 1 - 27
IAC 641—-41.2 Use of radionuclides in the healing arts – pages 28 - 70
IAC 641—41.3(136C) Therapeutic use of radiation machines – pages 70 - 88
IAC 641—41.6(136C) X-ray machines used for screening and diagnostic mammography – pages 89 - 110
IAC 641—41.7(136C) X-ray machines used for stereotactically guided breast biopsy – pages 110 - 116
IAC Chapter 41 Appendices – pages 117 - 124

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