The University of Iowa

Environmental Health and Safety's Safety Awards

Laboratory/Group Award                                               

gold cup trophy
2023 Review Period

  • Kevin Campbell Lab, Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics - Top Lab
  • Michelle Howard, Department of Radiation Oncology


Individual Award

Spring 2020

  • Renee Cole, Department of Chemistry
  • Dagen Hughes, Department of Chemistry
  • Shonda Monette, Department of Chemistry

Summer 2020

  • Edward Gillan, Department of Chemistry
  • Larissa Stebounova, UI Pharmaceuticals
  • Florence Williams, Department of Chemistry

Fall 2020

  • Jessica DeYoung, Department of Chemistry
  • Raquel Gomez, Department of Chemistry
  • Alissia Milani, Department of Chemistry
  • Madeline Parker, Department of Chemistry
  • Leah Scharlott, Department of Chemistry

Spring 2021

  • Kathy Frees, Department of Otolaryngology

2023 Review Period

  • Junko Kasuya, Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology
  • Chris Knutson, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Emily Witt, Department of Radiation 


Teaching Assistant Awards

Fall 2019

  • Jacob Hackbarth, Organic Chemistry Lab
  • Grant Shivers, Organic Chemistry Lab
  • Mahboubeh Varmazyad, Organic Chemistry Lab

Spring 2020

  • Nimesh Pasan Ranasin, Ranasinghe Arachchige, Principles of Chemistry II Lab
  • Scott Grzybowski, Organic Chemistry Lab
  • Li Manshu, Organic Chemistry Lab
  • Joshua Zgrabik, Principles of Chemistry I Lab

Postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic.