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Beryllium Safety

The goal of the Beryllium Safety Program is to protect people from injuries and illnesses associated with using beryllium.  The program covers any employee that has any exposure to beryllium by inhalation or skin contact, employees in labs may be exempt from certain requirements. The program sets exposure limits, PPE requirements, housekeeping requirements, and medical surveillance requirements.  

Before implementing any portion of this safety program or completing the training please contact the EHS Industrial Hygienist to determine which elements are applicable to you.

Contact information and areas of expertise can be found on the Contact Us page.


Beryllium Written Program


Beryllium Safety Training - W536OS

  • This course is required initially and annually. It provides the training required by the OSHA beryllium standard.
  • Audience: Individuals that work with beryllium

For further training and registration information, go to EHS Safety Training



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