The University of Iowa

SAFETYmatters - X-Ray Unit Registration and Fees

Around the beginning of each calendar year, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) requires the University of Iowa to update its inventory of x-ray machines used in medicine and research.  This includes diagnostic and therapeutic x-ray equipment at UIHC and College of Dentistry, as well as analytical, cabinet, and electron microscope x-ray systems used in research areas.  As a reminder, all users of x-ray equipment need to inform EHS whenever they receive new equipment or dispose of old equipment, so that our inventory can remain current.  In addition, IDPH charges an annual registration fee for each unit.  EHS receives and pays this bill, then contacts the individual owners of the equipment to obtain an MFK number to pay for their share of the registration fee.  Informing EHS of changes in equipment inventory is essential in ensuring that you or your department is charged only for the equipment that you currently have.  We will soon be reaching out to each owner of x-ray equipment to request payment for the 2021 annual registration fees.  If you have any questions about equipment registration or the associated fees, please contact EHS at 335-8503 or