The University of Iowa

SAFETYmatters - Where Have All the Dosimeters Gone?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a restructuring in the way many of us work.  Many of us currently spend a good deal of our workday at home, which has necessitated a change in our daily work routine.

For several months EHS did not send out dosimeters to research users of radioactive materials, as the University had paused most research activities.  However, EHS has resumed supplying dosimeters to appropriate individuals but has experienced an increase in dosimeters that are returned late or are still missing.  In order to help reduce the number of lost or late dosimeters, EHS offers the following guidance:

  • Allow extra time for campus mail to make deliveries – their routine has changed.
  • If you are working at home during the last week of the month, arrange for a co-worker to return your old badge to EHS for you.
  • Return your old dosimeter as soon as you receive your new one each month.
  • Let EHS know if you have not received your new badge by the first few days of the month during which the new badge is to be worn.
  • Inform EHS right away if you need to cancel or change your dosimeter service.

As a final reminder, please return any old dosimeters you may have to EHS, even if they are from many months ago or were unused.  Our dosimetry vendor charges the University a penalty for any unreturned badges, which is reimbursed once they receive these badges.  Please contact Barb Vitense at 335-9550 or Joey Michael at 335-8518 with any questions regarding your dosimeters.