The University of Iowa

SAFETYmatters - Select Toxins Must be Inactivated Prior to Disposal

Researchers using exempt quantities of toxins covered under the Federal Select Agent Program MUST inactivate the toxin(s) prior to disposal.  A list of toxins and the exempted amount can be found here.  Staff may not dispose of active toxins through EHS and may only request a chemical waste pickup after inactivation; information is available on how to inactivate the various toxins.  Principal Investigators can transfer active toxins to another Principal Investigator through the use of the Select Toxin Transfer Form.  Any laboratory disposing, transferring, or receiving toxins should provide this information to Norma Miller, Associate Biosafety Officer, in order to maintain a current inventory with EHS.

Please contact Norma at 467-1123 with any additional questions on using, storing, or inactivating select toxins and Jim Pyrz at 335-4625 for questions regarding disposal.