The University of Iowa

SAFETYmatters - Reminder: Changes to the biological safety cabinet (BSC) services

Article published 12/19/17

On August 1, 2017, UI Purchasing selected two companies who were awarded contracts to provide BSC and cleanroom services across the UI campus.  The new contracts designate Pharma-Lab as the primary supplier and ENV Services as a secondary supplier.

Annual Certifications:

PIs will continue to receive a reminder when their BSCs are due for annual recertification and an appointment will be scheduled for the certification services. However, these reminders and the accompanying appointment time will come directly from the new supplier, Pharma-Lab. PIs who wish to proceed with the appointment or wish to reschedule must respond to Pharma-Lab directly to confirm the appointment.

Other Services:

When a BSC needs services other than an annual certification (i.e. troubleshoot, repair, decontamination, etc.), the PI and/or lab staff should contact the primary supplier Pharma-Lab to schedule an appointment. To contact Pharma-Lab to schedule an appointment, please email or call Matthew Volmer at 402-639-3508 or Bernard Harrison at 531-205-3586.

If Pharma-Lab is unable to meet the PI’s servicing needs, the PI and/or lab staff may contact the secondary supplier ENV Services to schedule an appointment.  To contact ENV Services to schedule an appointment please email or call Samantha Sanchez at 800-690-3368. 


Payments for BSC services will no longer be processed by EHS. Both vendors will now bill the PI directly for services.  Departments will need to be prepared to either pay using their Pcard or a Purchase Order (PO).  If using a PO, the department should submit a Purchase Requisition in ePro using the quote provided by the vendor.