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SAFETYmatters - Radiation Safety Staff Changes

Article published January 2019

Radiation P&S staff

2018 is now in the history books, and we can all look ahead to a new year.  This past year saw the retirement of the University’s Radiation Safety Officer, Joe Graves, after a career spanning several decades.  Joe took with him a great deal of knowledge and experience, and his departure has prompted a reorganization of EHS’s Radiation Safety Section.  Changes include new job titles and responsibilities for many of the section’s staff members, as well as a forthcoming new hire.  As they say, out with the old and in with the new.

Why are we telling you this, you may be wondering?  Well, in addition to paying homage to a University icon such as Joe, we want to let you know that you may be working with different people and will see different faces from the Radiation Safety section in the field.

Following is a brief rundown of Radiation Safety staff and an overview of their new roles and areas of responsibility, so you will know whom to contact for assistance.

Gordon Axt – Radiation Safety Officer -   Licensing and regulatory issues, use authorizations, committees, CT and mammography physics testing – ph. 335-8503

Joey Michael – Interim Assistant Radiation Safety Officer -  X-ray and laser safety, dosimeter program, radioactive material shipping, shielding evaluations – ph. 335-8518

Laurie Scholl – Interim VA Radiation Officer – Radiation safety program at VA Medical Center, University of Iowa: non-human radioactive material use permits, declared pregnancy program, animal use protocol review – ph. 353-5389

Joe Hawk – Safety Specialist - Radioactive material therapy patients, room survey program, sealed sources, x-ray surveys, database issues   ph. 384-4541

Jeff OlsonSafety Coordinator – Lab safety audits, radiation safety surveys, instrument calibrations, sealed sources, bioassay, radioactive material package shipments  ph. 335-9372

To Be Named – Program Assistant – Radioactive material package delivery, instrument calibrations, bioassays, laser surveys, radiation safety surveys

Here’s to a Happy and Safe 2019!!