The University of Iowa

SAFETYmatters - Radiation Dosimeter Policy Changes

During this period of altered work schedules, EHS has made a few changes to our policies regarding distribution and return of radiation dosimeters.

  1. Dosimeters are being sent as normal to all UIHC staff, but are being held for most UI staff as much of the research activity has been suspended.  Let Barb Vitense know if you would like to continue receiving a dosimeter during this time.
  2. UIHC staff should continue to return dosimeters per usual as EHS is still receiving Campus Mail deliveries.  You may need to specifically schedule mail pick-ups depending on where you work at UIHC.
  3. For staff that are not currently on-site, please return all dosimeters from previous months to EHS upon returning to work. EHS is not assessing late fees for badges turned in late at this time.
  4. Please continue to inform EHS if you lost your badge and need a spare, suspect an unusual exposure, wish to declare a pregnancy, etc…  We have staff on-site and working from home that can address your dosimeter needs right away.