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SAFETYmatters - Observe Biohazardous Waste Tub Weight Limits

This will not only help to keep the tubs under the 50 pound limit, but will also make it easier for the bag to be properly tied.  Lab staff will be asked to address problems with tubs found over the weight limit.

Red Bio Waste Tub
Note that red tub waste may include general lab waste such as disposable gloves, test tubes, specimen containers, bench paper and other items that may not actually be biohazardous.

Further information regarding waste preparation and disposal may be found on the EHS website 

The Biohazardous Waste Management - W524HZ ICON course must be completed initially and every three years subsequently by laboratory staff, as noted below:

  • Training is required initially then every three years thereafter.
  • Audience: All laboratory staff, including undergraduates, and other non-laboratory staff that generate and/or handle biohazardous waste tubs are required to take the training.

Course registration links: 

Please contact Seth Zickefoose at 5-4391 or, if you have questions.