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SAFETYmatters - Non-Monetary Routing Forms

Article published 11/01/18


Are you ordering from Addgene? Getting plasmids from another campus? If this material is recombinant, you need to ensure it is included on an approved rDNA Registration Document.

Addgene image

If you are ordering any new recombinant agents/organisms or obtaining recombinant material from a collaborator, these items need to be included on the lab’s approved rDNA Registration Document. If the material is not recombinant, you should not check the “rDNA use” option in the routing form.

EHS staff are copied on all routing form notifications if rDNA use is indicated.  Staff will follow-up with the PI and lab manager, if applicable, to ensure all recombinant agents/organisms are appropriately registered.  If the product you are receiving is not included on an approved rDNA registration document, research staff will need to submit a new rDNA registration document or amend an already approved document.  If you have any questions please email .