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SAFETYmatters - Joe Graves Retiring

Article published 02/23/18

Joe Graves, Assistant Director of the Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHS) and Radiation Safety Officer for the University of Iowa, will retire from the University of Iowa on April 2, 2018.  Gordon Axt, Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, will serve as the Interim Radiation Safety Officer.     


Joe began his career at the University of Iowa in 1981 as a Health Physics Assistant in the Radiation Protection Office (RPO).  The Radiation Protection Office merged with the Environmental Health & Safety Office, in 1986.  Joe has served as the University’s Radiation Safety Officer since 1991, overseeing compliance for the medical use of radiation and radioactive materials for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, the College of Dentistry and non-human use of radioactive materials for the basic science research laboratories.  Joe also served as EHS Assistant Director, overseeing the Occupational Safety and Environmental Program Sections since 2008. 

On behalf of all staff in the Environmental Health & Safety Office, we wish to thank Joe for his commitment to the UI community and wish him the best for a happy retirement.