The University of Iowa

SAFETYmatters - Gathering Manufacturers Information for MSDSonline.

Article published 12/19/17

The University has purchased MSDSonline and implementation of the software is underway.  This service will maintain the safety data sheets (SDS) for chemicals used on campus, as required by OSHA regulations.  Each SDS is specific to the manufacturer, necessitating that we identify each chemical on campus and its manufacturer. 

As previously announced, a staff member is available to assist departments and individual laboratories in updating their EHSA chemical inventory with manufacturer data.  Ms. Dana Ries will assist labs with this task. In order to enter the largest number of SDSs into the eBinder as quickly as possible, those labs with the most complete manufacturer data will be contacted first.  Dana will contact each Principal Investigator (PI) by email before coming to the lab. 

Once a lab’s inventory has 100% manufacturer data, an EHS staff member will enter each SDS into the University of Iowa's online library (eBinder). When completed, the PI and laboratory staff will be given access to the MSDSonline program and the UI's SDS eBinder; the lab will no longer be required to maintain copies of the SDSs themselves.

If labs wish to facilitate gaining access to the eBinder they may:
A. Add manufacturer data to their chemical inventory themselves; or
B. If available, send electronic copies of the lab's SDSs in a zip file to:

Contact Rick Byrum (335-9379) with any questions.