The University of Iowa

SAFETYmatters - EHS Compliance Reviews

It has been one year since EHS performed an in-person compliance review in departmental/laboratory spaces.  All areas have completed the self-review and held a virtual meeting with EHS staff to discuss any safety concerns and questions.  Beginning this month, EHS will resume our routine process for annual compliance reviews. 

EHS staff will contact their assigned departmental/laboratory staff two to four weeks prior with a request to schedule an in-person review and walk-through.  A copy of our review and any associated documents will be included in the scheduling email.  At the time of the review, EHS staff will wear required face masks, practice social distancing, and limit our time in the space.  If your area requires any additional protective equipment, please make EHS staff aware of this in your reply so we can prepare appropriately. As always, we recommend having all documentation ready and organized prior to the meeting to make efficient use of the time. If desired, any required documentation can be scanned and emailed prior to the meeting in order to further reduce the time needed for interaction. 

If you have any questions or concerns with this process, please inform EHS staff following a request to schedule a review.