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SAFETYmatters - Declaring Pregnancy for Radiation Workers


EHS has established a Pregnancy Declaration Program as required by State radiation safety regulations.  This program provides information concerning prenatal radiation exposure as well as dose monitoring of the embryo/fetus at the mother’s request.  Any pregnant radiation worker may request such monitoring by submitting a signed pregnancy declaration form to EHS.



This declaration is voluntary.  Upon receipt of a signed declaration, the dose limit for the embryo/fetus is lowered from the adult worker’s whole body limit of 5,000 mrem per year to 500 mrem for the duration of the pregnancy.  In addition, it is recommended that monthly exposures do not exceed 50 mrem. The information provided in the declaration is maintained as private information. 

Iowa Department of Public Health has published a Regulatory Guide titled Instruction Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure.  This guide provides information on the regulatory requirements regarding pregnant radiation workers, as well as answers to a list of frequently asked questions from the pregnant staff member’s point of view. 

If you decide to declare your pregnancy, EHS will assign fetal dosimeter and/or collect urine bioassay samples as applicable, and monitor your fetal radiation exposure to ensure it remains below the exposure limits for the embryo/fetus. 

  If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information, please contact Laurie Scholl at 353-5389 or