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SAFETYmatters - Chemical Storage and Segregation Guides

Chemical storage can be a headache for many labs. EHS has recently posted new chemical storage guides online. On our website, go to the Chemical Safety section and then go to Chemical Storage Information. Look under Resources for the printable guides.

There are two different types of guidance:

  • Visual guidance: These picture-based handouts show bottles and tanks in the appropriate cabinets and tubs. These handouts are best for fast reference and labs with fewer hazard types.
  • Flowchart guidance: These handouts go into specific detail about many hazard types and how they should be ranked and segregated.

While you’re on the webpage, also check out the suggested storage plans (Variations 1 and 2) under Part III: Storage Plan Variations for Different Lab Facilities.

Picture of Flammable Cabinet
Picture of Chemical Storage Chart