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SAFETYmatters - Changes to the Incident Investigation Process

On February 3, 2020 there was a change to the incident investigation process for work-related injuries.  Prior to February, incident investigations were completed through a PDF form that was emailed to the injured employee’s supervisor.  The PDF has now been replaced with a Workflow form.  Once a First Report of Injury (FROI) is submitted by one of their direct reports, the injured employee’s supervisor will receive a Workflow notification email that contains a link to the investigation formSupervisors must click on that link and complete the investigation as soon as possible.  An example of the notification email is below:

Picture of Email Communication


If the Workflow form has not been completed within 7 calendar days, John Anderson from the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHS) will send a meeting request to the supervisor and injured employee for the purpose of completing the investigation.  Facilities Management, Student Life Departments and the State Hygienic Lab will work with their dedicated safety manager to complete the investigation form.

Training on the process is available via ICON course number W526OS.  If you prefer in person training, send a request to Steve Paulsen:

Some of the advantages for using Workflow are that it:

  • Auto populates information from the FROI;
  • Streamlines and simplifies the investigation and approval process; and
  • Stores the information long-term on the UI server.