The University of Iowa

SAFETYmatters - Change in the Requirements for Biohazardous Waste Training

EHS recently conducted an evaluation of the purpose of the required Biohazardous Waste Training – W524HZ course. A determination was made to expand the coverage of the course to include information required by U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).


This also changes the required frequency of the course. All staff who package biohazardous waste in a red tub for disposal, or sign shipping papers, are required by DOT regulations to be trained how to identify and package waste for shipment.


The Biohazardous Waste Training course is now required initially and every three years thereafter.


The objective of the training is to familiarize staff with federal and state regulations in order to ensure compliance.  Additionally, the training covers biohazardous waste management practices required by The University of Iowa. Biohazardous waste is considered a hazardous material and such waste generated by The University of Iowa is transported for disposal by a licensed vendor on public roads. As DOT regulates transportation of hazardous materials on public roads, biohazardous waste is subject to the DOT hazardous materials regulations. The purpose of the regulations is to ensure safe transport of hazardous materials, as well as, to avoid injury and environmental impact from incidents involving hazardous materials.


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