The University of Iowa

SAFETYmatters - Annual Lab Review Process Self-Inspection

Research laboratories are reviewed annually by EHS for safety compliance.  Due to the ongoing pandemic and the necessary precautions associated with it, the annual safety review process will be significantly altered.

The new process will entail a combination of a short self-inspection and a video teleconference (Skype/Zoom/etc.) between the Safety Advisor and the designated lab contact and/or Principal Investigator (PI). If the lab contact and Safety Advisor so agree, they may meet in-person (utilizing appropriate social distancing and face coverings) but this is not required. The completed Self-Inspection checklist must be sent to the Safety Advisor prior to the teleconference. Training must be completed, as normal. Copies of documentation do not need to be sent to the Safety Advisor unless otherwise noted.  The lab contact or PI will certify completions by recording the date of completion on the Self-Inspection and subsequently signing the form. The Safety Advisor will work with the lab contact to ensure any noted deficiencies are corrected.

Groups that missed their normal annual review in the spring and summer due to the research shutdown will be incorporated into the fall schedule.  The updated safety review process will be effective through December 2020 and may be extended, if deemed necessary.

For further information, please see the Lab Review Process.