Reporting a Concern Related to Environmental Safety

The Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHS) is committed to promoting environmental health and safety in research facilities and select health care and other facilities at the University.  EHS is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance related to:

  • use of biological or infectious agents and biohazardous materials
  • use, storage, and disposal of chemicals
  • use of radiation in medicine and research
  • occupational safety and health across many University departments

If you have a concern about compliance in any of the areas listed above, please contact the EHS Director.

You may report your concern by any of the following methods:

  1. Call the Director of EHS at 335-8775
  2. E-mail the Director at
  3. Address a campus envelope to the Director - EHS (100 EHS) and mark it “Confidential”
  4. Complete an online report by clicking here 
  5. If you wish to report your concern directly to the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, contact  Heather Gipson, Assistant Vice President for Research Compliance.