The University of Iowa


The University of Iowa is committed to providing its patients, visitors, students and employees with an environment where sources of radiation are used safely for the purposes of medicine, research and teaching.  Attainment of this goal requires the cooperation and commitment of all persons involved.  

The Environmental Health & Safety (formerly Health Protection Office) is responsible for implementing the University’s radiation safety program as defined by its Radiation Safety Committees, broadscope license, and state and federal regulations. Department heads, faculty members, supervisors and individual users are directly responsible for maintaining an environment that promotes compliance with these policies, license conditions, and regulations.
The purpose of this guide is to provide the necessary operational and procedural information for the safe use of sources of ionizing radiation at The University of Iowa.  This guide, along with the information available from the Environmental Health & Safety’s radiation safety training sessions and educational materials should enable the radiation worker to understand and practice the safe use of ionizing radiation sources to ensure that any resultant exposure is “as low as reasonably achievable.”
This guide was prepared by the Environmental Health & Safety and approved by The University of Iowa’s Hospital Radiation Safety Review Group. 
It supersedes previous University radiation protection guides.