The University of Iowa

PPE Electrical Protection Information


IOSH Standard 1910.137 addresses rubber insulating electrical equipment such as gloves, sleeves, blankets, covers, line hose and matting which is required when employees must work on energized lines and other parts of electrical equipment. In these situations, such equipment is often the only line of defense against electric shock.

Use of Equipment for Electrical Protection

Electrical protective equipment for this type of work must be selected and used to meet IOSH 1910.137 requirements. This specialized PPE must be tested, and certified as tested, at intervals as stated in the standard. Regular routine inspection is required for equipment defects. The protective equipment must be cleaned and properly stored.

Standard on Electrical Protective Equipment

IOSH 1910.137 details requirements that must be followed for the selection, use, and maintenance of specialized electrical protective equipment.

An example of when protective equipment for potential electrical hazards may be appropriate, but is not covered by 1910.137, is the use of a Class B hard hat for construction work in the vicinity of, but not on, overhead lines. 1910.135 would cover this example for head protection.

Note: The number of University employees covered by this standard is very limited.