The University of Iowa

NEW Training Course Requirements for 2016

Two new ICON courses have been developed by EHS staff and are now required, as specified below.   In addition, two courses which were previously recommended for laboratory staff are also now required as part of the general safety training coursework. 

The following new ICON courses must be completed at least one time by laboratory staff who are part of the indicated audiences:

Biohazardous Waste - W524HZ: all laboratory staff and other non-lab staff that generates and/or handles biohazardous waste tubs.  EHS is requiring the completion of this course by the indicated audience due to recurring problems related to packaging, labeling and pick-up of biohazardous waste that affect the UI’s compliance with Department of Transportation requirements.

Radiation Awareness for Labs – W528RD: all individuals working in a laboratory actively registered for radioactive materials who are not listed on the radiation permit.  This course requirement is due to a request made by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Additionally, the following courses are now required to be completed one time by all laboratory staff who fall into the indicated audiences.

Chemical Fume Hoods – W485CM: all individuals who handle chemicals in a research lab or other work area and use a chemical fume hood to limit exposure to hazardous chemicals.  This requirement is a result of deficiencies regarding the understanding of how a chemical fume hood operates, should be used, fume hood annual testing and repairs/maintenance. 

Advanced Biosafety – W005BO: all individuals working with biological organisms categorized as Risk Group 2 (RG2); RG2 agents are those associated with human diseases that are rarely serious and for which preventive or therapeutic interventions are often available (examples include viral vectors, S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, H. influenza).  The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) has determined that individuals working with RG2 agents should have an understanding of how to perform a risk assessment on the organisms and procedures that will be used in a research project and is now requiring this course for the indicated audience. 

The above courses will now be listed in the initial training requirements for the indicated audiences. Current laboratory staff members who have already completed the above courses are not required to repeat the training. 

As the safety advisors conduct their annual laboratory audits, the requirements and completion of these courses will be reviewed.  Please contact your lab safety advisor with any questions.