The University of Iowa

New Biohazard Waste Containers

Stericycle is distributing new containers for biohazardous waste. These new containers are similar in appearance to grey interlocking-lid containers that have been used occasionally recently. The intent is to eventually replace all of the commonly used 28-gallon red tubs that have a separate lid and should be a great improvement to that type of container. These will still need to have liners tied in the same manner as the existing tubs. Below are more detailed description and specifications of the new tubs.

The new SafeShield™ Medical Waste Containers are equipped with Cupron®, a copper-based antimicrobial additive to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew, which reduces odors and increases cleanliness. The containers are made of durable material that won't flex or break under heavy loads, have a smooth interior finish and drainage channels to greatly reduce or eliminate odor, and the nestable design makes stacking and moving more efficient.

Features and Benefits:

  • Embedded with antimicrobial properties to support infection prevention
  • DOT-approved PGII rated container
  • HDPE material - all plastic construction
  • Integrated lid closes securely and eliminates lid misplacement
  • Reinforced handles won't flex while being carried
  • Integrated corner grips secure bags in place during use
  • Smooth interior for easy cleaning
  • Textured exterior areas for easy removal of adhesive labels
  • Split lid securely locks for storage and transport

Picture of new biohazard bin


The liners provided with the older biohazard tubs are not a perfect fit for the new waste containers.  However, the liners can be made to fit if you CAREFULLY stretch the corner of the liners over the tab that is on the outside corner of each tub.  A tub with a stretched liner is shown in the photo below.  The tabs on the outside corner are circled in the photo of stacked empty tubs.  Stericycle has been contacted to inquire if a better fitting liner will be provided.

Biohazard tub with liner
Stack of empty biohazard waste tubs