The University of Iowa

List of Hazardous Materials and Disposal Contacts

The following is a list of hazardous materials, or items that may contain hazardous materials. Many of these are considered hazardous waste, and in most cases, may not be disposed of in the dumpster, landfill, or sewer. When spilled or leaked, most of these materials need to be disposed of as hazardous waste. Be sure to fully evaluate waste materials and contact the appropriate University department for disposal. For questions or assistance, contact EHS.

  • Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), Jim Pyrz 335-4625
  • Environmental Services, Steve Henneberry 335-6477
  • General Stores, Joel Tresslar 384-3906
  • University Surplus, Steve Stange 384-4045

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Material For Disposal Contact:


Acids EHS
Adhesives EHS
Aerosol cans EHS
Air conditioners Surplus
Air fresheners EHS
Alkaline batteries Trash
Appliances Surplus
Artist’s materials EHS
Artists paint EHS
Asbestos Environmental Services
Automotive waxes EHS


Bases EHS
Batteries, alkaline Trash
Batteries, lead acid EHS
Batteries, lithium ion EHS
Batteries, nicad EHS
Batteries, nickel metal hydride EHS
Batteries, nickel-cadmium EHS
Batteries, rechargeable EHS
Batteries, small sealed lead acid EHS
Batteries, SSLA EHS
Biohazardous waste EHS
Blood pressure cuffs EHS
Brush cleaners EHS
Bug spray EHS
Button batteries EHS


Capacitors (PCB) FM
Car batteries EHS
Caustics EHS
Ceramic glaze EHS
Compact fluorescent lamps General Stores
Computers Surplus
Controlled substances EHS
CRT’s Surplus
Cutting oil EHS


Darkroom chemicals EHS
Dehumidifiers Surplus
Dental amalgams EHS
Dental fillings EHS
Disinfectants EHS
Drugs EHS
Dyes EHS


Electronic devices Surplus
Empty chemical containers Trash
Empty P-waste chemical containers EHS
Etchants EHS
E-waste Surplus


Fertilizers EHS
Fillings, dental EHS
Film EHS
Fireworks EHS
Fluorescent lamps General Stores
Formaldehyde EHS
Freezers Surplus
Freon EHS
Fungicides EHS


Gas cylinders EHS
Gasoline EHS
Glass, unbroken Trash
Glue EHS
Grease EHS


Hearing aid batteries EHS
Herbicides EHS
HID lamps General Stores
High intensity discharge lamps

General Stores


Inks EHS
Insecticides EHS


Lab chemicals EHS
Lead acid batteries EHS
Lead paint chips EHS
Lead shielding EHS
Lead weights EHS
Lithium ion batteries EHS


Mercury EHS
Mercury containing items EHS
Mercury vapor lamps General Stores
Merthiolate EHS
Metal halides lamps General Stores
Microwave ovens Surplus
Motor oil EHS


Nicad batteries EHS
Nickel metal hydride batteries EHS
Nickel-cadmium batteries EHS




Paint EHS
Paint rags EHS
Paint solvents EHS
Parts cleaning solvent EHS
PCB ballasts EHS
Pesticides EHS
Pharmaceuticals EHS
Photographic chemicals EHS
Photographic film EHS
Polishes EHS
Pool chemicals EHS
Pottery glaze EHS
Printmaking inks EHS
Propane cylinders EHS
Pump Oil EHS


Radioactive material EHS
Rechargeable batteries EHS
Refrigerants EHS
Refrigerators Surplus
Resins EHS
Rodenticides EHS
Roofing tar EHS


Small sealed lead acid batteries EHS
Sodium lamps General Stores
Solvents EHS
Sphygmomanometers EHS
Spot removers EHS
Spray Cans EHS
SSLA batteries EHS
Stains EHS
Strippers EHS


Televisions Surplus
Thermometers EHS
Thermostats EHS
Thinner EHS
Toner cartridges General Stores
Transmission fluid EHS
Turpentine EHS


Used oil EHS


Varnish EHS
Video display terminals Surplus


Water treatment chemicals EHS
Weed killer EHS
White goods Surplus


X-ray film EHS
X-ray machines EHS