Lab Safety Audit

Safety Advisor Team Mission

The Safety Advisor Team (SAT) will support research labs by providing consultation, education, and services to enhance safety and health compliance and practice.

To accomplish this mission, each principal investigator’s (PI’s) research area is reviewed by a member of the safety advisor team in order to build a comprehensive picture of laboratory research operations and assess the current status of The University of Iowa’s (UI) safety programs.  This allows EHS to assist the research community in implementing best safety practices and compliance based programs, such as those required by the University, state and/or federal regulations.

Team Leaders:

  • Rachelle Justice, Sr. Chemical Safety Specialist, 353.4692

Team Field Safety Advisors:

  • Rachelle Justice, Sr. Chemical Safety Specialist, 353.4692
  • Wendie Dockstader, Biosafety Specialist, 353.5678
  • Jeff Olson, Radiation Safety Specialist, 335.9372
  • Jeff Montgomery, Chemical Safety Specialist, 335.7964
  • John Silka, Chemical Safety Specialist, 335-8031 
  • Jennifer Hamilton, Biosafety Coordinator, 335-9547

Team Associates:

  • Rick Byrum, Chemical Hygiene Officer, 335.9379
  • Haley Sinn, Director, Responsible Official (RO),