The University of Iowa

Lab News - Passing the Torch for Safety

Article published 10/25/16

As a Principal Investigator, you are ultimately responsible for safety in your lab.  Your lab staff, EHS, and the University all depend on you to provide a safe working environment for your staff members in order to ensure that your research is done in a manner that minimizes risk to your lab team, as well as persons in adjoining labs, or even the same building.  This includes following procedures, providing appropriate training, and using personal protective equipment when necessary.

Whenever you, as the Principal Investigator, are not present to directly supervise the activities in your lab, it is very important to designate an individual to assume these responsibilities, not only for the research work, but also for safety of staff and facilities.  Since EHS is a primary resource for safety and regulatory information, please let us know when you have a designated individual other than yourself that is responsible for safety in your lab.  Informing the EHS Safety Advisor for your lab of any extended absences, as well as the designated contact person for your lab during your absence, would be very helpful in maintaining good lines of communication.  This can be useful for anything as simple as schedule a meeting or audit, to disseminating important safety information.

For questions contact, Joe Hawk, Radiation Safety Specialist (384.4541) or Rachelle Justice, Sr. Chemical Safety Specialist (353.4692).