The University of Iowa

Lab News - Not Currently Using Your RAM Authorization?

Article published 08/30/16

We all seem to have too much paperwork to do these days.  EHS may be able to help reduce some of that.  For Principal Investigators who are approved to use radioactive materials, but who are not currently using them, EHS allows them to place their radioactive materials use authorization into an inactive state.  The advantages of this is that rooms posted for radioactive material use can be surveyed by EHS and de-posted, thereby eliminating the requirements associated with the use of radioactive materials, such as inventories and survey records (i.e., more paperwork).  Re-activating an authorization is as easy as contacting EHS to have your room(s) re-posted.  Contact Laurie Scholl at 353-5389, if you are interested in finding out more about this option.