Lab News - Disposing of Anesthetic Gas Absorbent Canisters

If you’re using anesthetic gases such as isoflurane or sevoflurane in your lab, you may also be using an absorbent canister such as VaporGuard Charcoal Filters or f/AIR canisters that contain activated carbon to prevent release of the gas to the environment. Used absorbent canisters are managed as a hazardous chemical waste.

EHS provides the waste collection service. To manage the used canisters while awaiting pickup, label the canisters as waste and store them in a sealed plastic bag or box to avoid off-gassing into the room.

Then fill out a Chemical Waste Pickup Request form. EHS will collect the canisters from your lab and dispose of them properly. There is no charge for the service.

Contact Jim Pyrz at or 5-4625 if you have questions or need assistance.