The University of Iowa

Instrument Calibrations


Radiation monitoring instruments (survey meters) used in research labs and other locations where quantitative radiation determinations are performed must be calibrated at intervals not to exceed 12 months as required by regulation. Survey instruments that have never been calibrated or are out of calibration will be tagged as "out of service" by EHS. "Tagged" instruments cannot be used until they are calibrated.


Many instrument manufacturers offer calibration services. For a list of these manufacturers contact EHS at 335-8501.

Calibration services are also offered by EHS for a fee of $60.00 payable with a university MFK number. As part of our calibration service, EHS will affix a small radioactive check source to the instrument. If the survey meter is successfully calibrated, EHS will affix a sticker that states when the next calibration is due and detection efficiencies for selected radionuclides.

If you would like EHS to calibrate your survey instrument, please contact Joe Hawk and complete EHS's instrument calibration authorization form.


Every time you use a survey instrument the regulations require that you ensure:

  • The instrument is operational by checking the batteries. 
  • The instrument has been calibrated within the last 12 months. 
  • The instrument is responding to radiation using the check source affixed to your survey instrument or another suitable source of radiation.


If you have any questions concerning survey instrument purchase, proper usage or calibration, please contact EHS at 335-8501.