Fume Hood Maintenance List

Environmental Health & Safety checks airflow performance of all campus fume hoods annually. If a fume hood needs adjustment, EHS submits a work request to FM Work Control Center (WCC). Maintenance should contact EHS after adjustments or repairs are completed. EHS then rechecks airflow performance. Most hoods are successfully adjusted after one attempt. Occasionally, further maintenance is needed. Once notified, EHS rechecks hood performance after additional maintenance is completed.

The list below shows only those fume hoods that required adjustments. The table will be updated as information becomes available. Repaired hoods will remain on the list for approximately one month after the final retest is completed.

Table Key: FM Request, 2nd Request, etc.

Date EHS submitted work request to FM WCC.

Table Key: Results

Failed- Airflow was below EHS target of 100-120 fpm. Do not use until repaired.                                             Restricted- Airflow is outside EHS target parameters. May be used for minimal hazard materials.

For questions regarding hood use, contact EHS at 335-8501 or fume-hood@uiowa.edu.

For repair status updates, contact FM WCC at 335-5071 or facilities-wcc@uiowa.edu.

Hood ID
Work Order #
FM Request
Initial Result
2nd FM Request
Retest Result
3rd FM Request
Retest Result
4th FM Request
Retest Result
BSB 3-730A 18-568176/19-588863 3/21/18 Fail 10/12/18 Failed        
BSB 4-411G-B 19-590387 9/18/18 Restricted 9/24/18 Pass        
BSB 4-411G-C 18-569090 3/23/18 Restricted 9/18/18 Pass        
CB E473-7 19-581503 7/5/18 Restricted            
CB E513-B 19-582142 7/11/18 Failed 7/30/18 Restricted 10/16/18 Pass    
CBRB 1283A 19-592327 10/2/18 Fail 10/12/18 Pass        
IATL 180 18-564741 1/11/17 Restricted 4/26/17 Restricted 2/21/18, 4/25/18, 5/21/18 Restricted 5/10/8/18 Restricted
IATL E121-A 18-564742 2/21/18 Failed 4/25/18 Failed 9/20/18 Pass    
IATL E121-B 18-564742 2/21/18 Failed 4/25/18 Failed 9/20/18 Pass    
ML B002-A 19-592442 10/3/18 Restricted            
ML B167-A 18-550440 10/25/17 Restricted 6/6/18 Restricted        
ML B191 19-592441 10/3/18 Failed            
ML 1132D 19-592649 10/5/18 Failed 10/10/18 Pass        
ML 1132F 19-592648 10/5/18 Restricted 10/10/18 Failed 10/12/18 Pass    
ML 1157B 19-592650 10/5/18 Restricted 10/10/18 Pass        
ML 2157 19-593872 10/15/18 Restricted